The ultimate 2018 Krit geeky gift guide

10 incredible gifts for all the geeks and entrepreneurs in your life

We get it. 🎁 #

Gift giving is hard. It feels like that special person in your life has EVERYTHING. You had a great idea a couple weeks ago…but then their latest amazon box arrived. Guess what? They bought it for themselves. 😑

Lucky for you, we pride ourselves on doing two things insanely well here at Krit. Crafting beautiful software for non-technical founders that will help them validate their ideas quickly andddddd gift giving!

So as Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday approach, we compiled 10 of the best gifts for the geeks and entrepreneurs in your life. Enjoy!

The sexiest notebook you’ve ever seen - $29 #


Sure, they probably have a million notebooks lying around. But do any of those notebooks look this damn good?? The guys at Peel are masters at creating beautiful, unbranded products. They started with phone cases and are now expanding into accessories—starting with this gorgeous notebook. Instead of a strap, it has tiny magnets embedded in the cover to keep it closed. If your person likes to sketch out new app ideas, make sure to opt for the dot grid. 😎


This crazy cool piece of art posing as a lamp - $59 #


This one shouldn’t take much convincing. It’s a lamp that turns on with MAGNETS. At least I think they’re magnets. That or magic. Either way, it’s super cool and looks stunning. If you’re like me and weird/tacky art is more your thing, the MOMA store also has a banana lamp.


A set of Christmas beard ornaments - $10.99 #


These ridiculous Christmas ornament clips are the perfect stocking stuffers for your hipster cousin with the impressive beard. Guaranteed to get a laugh out of your whole family.


We know they look douchey, but Airpods might be Apple’s best product since the iPad - $159 #


I resisted them for so long, but Austin and I finally caved and each bought a pair in October. Holy shit. They’re just awesome. The case feels great (and CHARGES them), they’re so comfortable in your ears, and they work like magic. If you know an Apple fanboy who doesn’t have these yet, you’ll win [insert holiday here] for sure.


The perfect mug for your procrastinating nephew who needs to get shit done - $16 #


My dad got me this mug in college. It didn’t help me get any of my research papers done any faster, but it is still one of my favorite mugs. Startup Vitamins also has some great startup posters. Combine with a $15 target frame, and you’ve got an excellent gift for any startup nerd.


This painfully honest field guide will make your bookworm friend so happy - $16.31 #


I have a love/hate relationship with business books. There are so many I want to read, but I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever finished one. I usually get about two-thirds of the way through and go, yeah that seems like enough. But Rand Fishkin’s book was the exception. It’s one of my favorite reads of the year. I would start out my morning with a cup of coffee and a chapter of Rand’s book. It was both energizing and dangerous. Dangerous because I would want to read all morning instead of showering and stuff.


The coolest gear for your CDO (Chief Dog Officer) - $28 #


My girlfriend got me one of these collars for Duck, my boykin spaniel, who comes to work with me every day. I absolutely love it. It looks great, is super durable, a little reflective, and gets me excited for adventures! He’s 12, so most of our adventures these days involve going from one couch to the next.


What’s that? You want to see a picture of Duck? Fine, twist my arm.


For the young engineer in your fam, how about a trip to Mars? - $299 #


One of my best friends started this company in order to get kids excited about math and engineering. We bought the full Mars kit for my twin cousins last year, and I had as much fun playing with it as they did! It’s chock full of awesome activities where you essentially build your own toys. The lessons stack on top of each other, and you eventually combine the pieces to go to Mars.

The price tag is a little high, but if you think about it then it's a good bit cheaper than a ride with SpaceX... 🚀 You can also buy the can crusher lesson for $45 if that's more in your price range.


Shopping for a minimalist? Opt for an experience like the High Water Fest in Charleston. - $159.50 #


One of my favorite things to do for gifts is giving someone I love an experience, ideally one we can enjoy together. It’s a great way to create memories, and it gives you an excuse to splurge on something you wouldn’t do otherwise. The High Water Fest in Charleston is the perfect example. It’s always an incredible lineup of indie and folk artists, plus a ton of great food at a great venue right near our office. I gave my sister tickets two years ago and my girlfriend tickets last year!


The game that will make you feel super clever… or not at all - $14.88 #


My friends and I have all gotten into board games lately. My ideal Friday is opening a bottle of wine, throwing together a Trader Joe’s cheese board and settling down for a night of games with friends. This game has become one of our absolute favorites. It can make you feel super clever or really stupid, but every time we play, the time just flies by. (I can't tell if the game is made by a Czech company or if Amazon only sells Czech versions, so you may want to double check with your local Target/Walmart/Etc).


I hope this was helpful, or at least a fun read! Happy American Thanksgiving everyone! If you're still reading email and tell me what the best gift you've ever given someone else is. Kids don't count.

"Because Thanksgiving is about buying more sh*t you don't really need." –– Andrew

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