Lean, mean product machine

We’re a start-up turned app design and development studio located in the Charleston, South Carolina.

Built By Krit

We call Charleston home because it’s full of bomb-ass peeps and there's great food every 5 feet, but we’ll work with you no matter where you’re from. We're best at launching new products. We love working with startups who are just in the idea phase to help them get a new app off the ground.

The name Krit comes from the idea of a design crit, or critique. We don’t believe in egos. We think we can always be better and that together we can accomplish more than any one of us could accomplish on our own. We strive for balance, seek greatness, and try to have as much fun as possible along the way. 🎉

Meet The Kritters

Andrew Askins

Andrew Askins

Partner / CEO

Our fearless leader. He handles new business, client strategy, and the blog. He also has a knack for tripping over his own feet.

Kevin Hoffman

Kevin Hoffman

Partner / Lead Developer

Kevin is our lead developer. He's also the biggest baseball fan in the office and has been to all 30 MLB stadiums.

Austin Price

Austin Price

Partner / Designer

Our lead designer. He’s also our resident musician. He plays the banjo, ukulele, guitar and harmonica.

Laura Bosco

Laura Bosco


Laura leads content strategy and writes for the blog and newsletter. She lives in Chattanooga where she spends her spare time hiking and drinking whiskey. She loves lamps.

Garrett Vangilder

Garrett Vangilder


A former history teacher turned developer, Garrett can knock out full-stack code as easily as he can knock out a 10-mile run.

Karen White

Karen White

Client support/Admin coordinator

Originally from Ireland, Karen is a highly organized nomad who has lived in Germany, the UK and most recently Ecuador.

Austin Carr

Austin Carr

Front-End Developer

Austin likes to describe himself as 50% developer, 50% designer, 100% hunk.

Jess Mitchell

Jess Mitchell

Front-End Developer

Jess is a developer and artist who spends a lot of time making things look great. She's our resident Canadian and is not sorry for being sorry.

Our Values


We publicly share where our money goes and how we do what we do, tackle tough conversations head-on, routinely pull back the curtain on what're doing and proactively talk about potential issues.


We set ambitious goals but don’t sacrifice profitability. We push ourselves but know our limits. We know when to be serious and when to have fun. And we set healthy boundaries and make time to recharge.


We don’t work with assholes, are mindful of the impact of our work and support our employees financially, emotionally and professionally. We put solutions over egos and keep our clients’ best interests in mind, even if it’s not the most profitable for us.


We take time to get the details right, look for ways to improve every time we make something, care deeply about the user experience, treat client products like our own products, and treat our company like a product to be refined.


We make decisions based on the feelings and experiences of our team, partners, audience. We assume everyone is acting from their best intentions and try to remember that everyone’s context is different. When offering feedback, we include the positive with the negative.

Built By Krit

Our Kritstory

Krit incorporates — Our official birthday

On April 10, 2014 Krit officially became a South Carolina corporation. Although we had been working on Krit for a few months before this, we use April 10 as our birthday and as an excuse to celebrate.

Ink launches with some early traction

After months of development and beta testing, we launched a tool, called Ink, to make contracts simpler and easier for freelancers.

Andrew, Austin and Bill win first place at the Sparc Hackathon

In our third year at the hackathon we finally took home the top prize, beating out more than 60 other teams. We built an online ordering system for food trucks, called Rodeo, that we are really proud of.

Krit becomes a full-time client shop

After releasing Ink, it became clear that the product just wasn’t the right one for the market. After a lot of discussion and stressing out, we decided to shut down the product side of Krit for the time being and focus all of our efforts into building awesome stuff for awesome people.

Krit moves to Charleston

We decided it was time for a new chapter in our story as a company, and so we made the decision to move to Charleston. Charleston is a vibrant city with an incredible creative community, amazing food and a rich history. It felt like the right fit and the perfect place to grow our little agency, so here we are.

Kevin joins the team full-time

Shortly after settling in Charleston, Kevin also moved down to the Holy City to become a full-time Kritter and lead our mobile development. Kevin had been working with us as a freelancer for most of the year, so his transition to being in the office full-time was smooth as butter.

Albatross is launched

We realized that we needed a better tool to help us with estimating and tracking projects, so we made Albatross to do just that. We built and launched the MVP in just three weeks.

Krit moves to a new home

We loved our tiny space downtown, but decided to move up the peninsula to Park Circle when it was time to get new digs.