Sifting through Android app development companies to find the right partner?

Krit partners with ambitious founders to launch successful B2B Android apps

There is a world of opportunity for Android app founders. Android has held over 85% of the global smartphone market share since 2017. Over the next 5 years, spending in the Google Play store is expected to reach $56 billion with a 13.2% annual growth rate. Every Android stat we know of is trending upward.

Since 2011, our talented team of app designers, developers, and product managers have helped clients build Android apps. Today, our client’s apps are used by world-class companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and NBC.

Our clients’ apps have been used by...

Here are some other reasons why you should consider us for your custom Android app.

Your vision comes first #

Our Android app process centers on this principle: your vision comes first. When you work with us, you don’t just get an app development shop that cranks out code and sends you a bill. You get an in-the-trenches partner.

Here’s what that means for you:

  • Roadmapping Session: Every project starts with a Roadmapping Session and process we’ve spent over 3 years perfecting. From experience, we know a clear roadmap de-risks the entire app building process. Our sessions routinely save founders thousands of dollars and months of time.
  • Turn-key app development: Receive a fully functional, ready-to-launch app with every feature you need to delight your customers.
  • 100% transparency: Never guess how the project is going, what happens next, or how you can stay involved.
  • Expertise in startups and B2B: Work with someone who understands the unique funding, scaling, and other logistical challenges you face as a startup and B2B company. Such as longer sales cycles, strict security and user management practices, and the need to move quickly.
  • Founder-friendly contracts: Own all your IP and partner with us month-to-month; maintain ownership and flexibility.

"Working with Krit was the best decision our startup made. We were able to explain our vision and together we designed, built, and launched our product. The team is easy to work with, technically skilled, and always available to answer questions."

--Stephen Lindner, Founder of Stonius

Going from idea to over $2.5 million in funding with Krit #

“Krit brought my vision to life, and in the end I not only consider the Krit team to be colleagues, I consider them to be my trusted friends.”

Lauren Sturdivant
Founder & CEO of Case Status

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Learn how you can launch your Android app in 6 months or less #

Set up a free strategy call with our CEO Andrew to learn how you can get your Android app in front of Google Play Store customers in less than half a year.

He’ll help you think through questions like:

  • Does an Android app make the most sense for my business and customers?
  • What do I need to know about Krit’s app development process?
  • What technology does Krit use to build Android apps?
  • What price range can I expect and what factors influence the final cost?

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Frequently asked questions

Why Android?

Android isn’t the best choice for every app. But it makes a lot of sense if your customers are technical or already use Android. It also makes sense if you need access to specialized hardware, like ruggedized tablets for factories or construction.

How much does it cost to build an android app?

The general rule is, the more stuff you want in your app, and the more complex each piece is, the more it’s going to cost. Very complex apps can cost over $153,000. More streamlined and minimal apps come in around $70,000. Most apps we build for clients initially cost $75,000 to $100,000.

How long does it typically take to develop an app?

Our average delivery time is 3 to 6 months. You can expect a roadmap in month 1, a prototype in month 2, and a functional product in under 6 months.

What do I need to prepare for the initial call?

You’ll receive the most value from our initial call if you can outline the following: your customer, the problem you’re tackling, your elevator pitch, budget, timeline, and the biggest concerns you have. These don’t have to be perfectly polished, of course. We know you’re still figuring a lot of things out. But the more you can tell us, the more direction we’ll be able to give you!

Do I need an Android app, web app, or responsive website?

It depends on your customers, how often they need to access the app, where they’ll access the app, and how they’ll gain value from your app. It also depends on what information you need to manage and what your budget is. We’d love to help you think through these factors on a strategy call.

Should I build a native android app or use something like React Native?

Do you need to access low-level hardware like the GPS or camera? Do you need custom 3D graphics? If so, then a native android app is probably a good idea. Otherwise, the cost and time savings of a React Native app are probably worth it. We can help you figure out the right fit for you on a strategy call.

Can I launch on android first or do I need to launch on both platforms (android and iPhone)?

It depends on your customer base and budget. Launching on one platform can be cheaper, and the android approval process is easier. Whether you need to launch on iPhone as well depends on your customers.

What are the differences between building an Android app vs. an iPhone app?

The Android ecosystem is massive. It’s easier to get approval for your app, you often have access to cutting edge hardware and there a larger overall user base. However you also have to support a wider range of devices, and Android users typically don’t update their software as frequently. There are fewer iPhone users overall, but they spend money on software more often, fall into a higher income bracket and are typically running more updating software. If you're torn between building an Android or iPhone app, we'd love to talk with you about this on a free strategy call.

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Select a day, pick a time, and answer 4 initial questions to set up a free strategy session with Andrew.