App development services for ambitious founders

Krit helps early-stage startups turn prototypes into loveable apps

Our team of app developers has crafted successful apps in B2B industries such as Financial Services, Higher Education, Real Estate, Legal, and Cybersecurity. From creating an initial roadmap to iterating on a live app, our app development services help founders scale business and delight customers.

Roadmapping Session #

Know what you're building, before you build it

We start every project with a Roadmapping Session. It’s a full-day strategy session with our team, plus 20+ hours of research on our end. We ensure you know what you’re building, why you’re including/excluding certain features, and exactly how you’ll get to a launched app. Clients say it’s “worth its weight in gold” and sessions routinely save founders thousands of dollars and months of development time.

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App Design #

Drive word-of-mouth adoption through empathetic design

Design is much more than creating a beautiful app. It’s also figuring out how your product creates value in the context of what your customers want and what your business needs. We create delightful ways for your customers to move through your app’s interface and achieve valuable outcomes. Because we know the more they love it, the more they’ll share it.

Web App Development #

Delight customers on every corner of the web

We love mobile apps, but not every startup needs one. For desktop-bound customers or founders who need to manage large amounts of data, we create stunning web apps trusted by the likes of Yale. We build web app backends using Python and Django or Flask; we craft the frontend with Javascript and Vue or React.

Mobile Development #

Have customers take you with them, wherever they go

For customers who are regularly on the move or businesses that need native mobile features like location data and camera, we craft loveable mobile apps. Our average mobile app timeline is 4 months, and our clients’ apps are used by Dropbox, Amazon, NBC, Budweiser and other successful businesses. We leverage React Native to build mobile apps.

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Ongoing Support #

Maintain momentum after your app goes live

Pop the champagne when you launch...but don’t stop there. Once your app is live, you’ll need to stay on top of bugs and any software changes. You’ll also want to collect customer data and use that data to make smart updates. Our support packages help with these and other forms of technical support—such as prioritizing your backlog or helping you vet technical hires.

What you can accomplish with our app development services? #

Lauren closed her first deal 4 days into beta

“Krit brought my vision to life, and in the end I not only consider the Krit team to be colleagues, I consider them to be my trusted friends.”

—Lauren Sturdivant, founder at Case Status

See the app and project

Not sure where to start? We'll help you figure it out...for free #

If you aren't sure which app development service is right for you, our CEO Andrew can help.

He’ll help you think through questions like:

  • Which service makes sense for my app?
  • How much would it cost and how long would it take?
  • What tech should I be using?
  • What else should I be thinking about?

Think of it as a free mini-strategy session that outlines how to go from “here’s what I’m working on” to “you can download the app here.”

Schedule a free strategy session

Select a day, pick a time, and answer 4 initial questions to set up a free strategy session with Andrew.

Turn your vision into a reality with our process #

Here’s how our app developers guide motivated B2B founders through tested idea to live product:

  1. Initial call: Talk with our CEO Andrew about whether your B2B app is a good fit for our agency.
  2. Demo: See a real live example of the kind of work we do.
  3. Roadmapping Session: Receive a full-day strategy session, complete product roadmap, a fixed price and timeline for your app, and user flow diagrams + technical specs any developer would understand. Save thousands of dollars and months of development time with a clear build plan.
  4. Contract: Sign one of our founder-friendly contracts that ensures you own all IP.
  5. Kickoff: Meet the team, clarify goals, and get set up with the tools you’ll need.
  6. Design: Benefit from our 12+ years of design experience as we sketch, wireframe, mockup, and refine how customers will move through your app.
  7. Kritiques: Help our team polish designs in live feedback sessions. Identify improvements focused on delivering more value to your business and your customers.
  8. Development: Talk with customers, develop a go-to-market strategy, build partnerships and start pre-selling while our team builds your app.
  9. First look: Receive an early peek at all our development work and see your app start coming together.
  10. Alpha: Begin using your app for the very first time and help our team prioritize key refinements.
  11. Beta: Take your nearly-ready app to a select group of customers. Gather early feedback and crucial first impressions. Share the responses with our team and improve your app even more.
  12. Launch: Open up your beautiful, polished, and feedback-improved app to the world!
  13. Support: Implement improvements and updates based on what real, paying customers are saying.

Why you’ll love working with our app developers #

Go ahead, put us in the friend-zone

Our superpower isn’t our tech stack—it’s our team. Krit’s app developers are professional, responsive, supportive, and incredibly easy to work with. They also have your best interests in mind; if a feature or idea doesn’t benefit your customers or business model, they’ll be the first ones to tell you.

Our team members and our process are founder-friendly. When you hire us, you get:

  • A detailed plan for building your app: Save months of effort and thousands of dollars by roadmapping exactly what goes into your MVP and why, before you start building it.
  • Founder-friendly contracts: Own all IP and partner with us month-to-month; no sneaky legalese or weird ownership clauses. Because no one likes feeling trapped.
  • 100% transparency: Never guess how the project is going, what happens next, or how you can stay involved.
  • Experts who get B2B startups: Partner with a team that understands the unique challenges you face as a growing B2B startup.
  • Transferable development: We build everything with the expectation that you will eventually outgrow us...because that means you’ve been successful.
  • Front-row access: Skip layers of management and talk directly with the person who’s knee-deep in your app. All of our projects are developer-managed.
  • Design that makes you look good: Receive a breathtaking product that instantly builds market credibility, within the budget you state.

Find the right service for you

“Working with Krit was the best decision our startup made. We were able to explain our vision and together we designed, built, and launched our product. The team is easy to work with, technically skilled, and always available to answer questions.”

Stephen Lindner
founder of Stonius