Cheat codes for the founder dating game

We refreshed how to find a technical co-founder

“Looking for an awesome technical cofounder…”

“Looking for a technical co-founder in NYC!”

“Do you know a technical co-founder?”

“I’ve got a friend looking for a technical co-founder for their mission-driven startup…”

Investors tell you to get one. Coding schools promise to turn you into one. And your technical to-dos (including “build an app”) say you need one.

But if you’re looking for a technical co-founder, where do you even start? 😳

Many advisors recommend “just, you know, treat it like dating”...And yeah, that’s a good start. But the dating game is, you know, REALLY HARD. (Ahem. There’s a reason more than 25 million people use dating apps. 💁)

That’s why our latest post is like a stash of cheat codes for the founder dating game. So you can spend less time on blind dates...and more time in meaningful conversations.

We cover:

  • 💻Senior programmers, CTOs, technical co-founders...and when you need each one
  • 🤷🏼‍♀️What a technical co-founder even does all day (Code? Github? Coffee? Magic?)
  • 💙The traits and skills you want to look for
  • 🚩The red flags you should be watching for
  • 👀How to make YOURSELF attractive as a non-technical founder (oof, gotta look in the mirror here)
  • 📣Where to go to, besides college, to increase your chances of finding a co-founder

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