The 30 day startup challenge

Get your first customers in 30 days or less… without building anything!

Do you feel intimidated and overwhelmed trying to get your startup off the ground? Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, and getting nowhere?

If so, you’re not alone...

Getting a new startup off the ground is hard.

Especially when you’re building a new tech product... and you’re a non-technical founder!

How do you convince a developer to build your app?!

What’s the difference between a native app and a hybrid app? What kind of database do you use? What even is a database?

You don’t need an app (yet). You need customers.

You don’t need to figure everything out right off the bat. The one and only thing you need to do is talk to customers. Get out from behind your computer and start talking to people!

Customers make everything easier.

  • Talented developers want to join companies that have customers.
  • Investors want to invest in companies with customers.
  • Customers will tell you how to build your product.

Learn how to get your first customers, before building anything.

Learning to sell can be just as intimidating as finding a technical partner.

But when you really break it down, good sales is about listening to your customer, identifying their problems and then educating them on your solution.

Being good at sales isn’t about being slimy, it’s about helping people.

In this free course we’ll teach you how to:

  • Set good goals
  • Set up a landing page that speaks to your customer’s pain points (without writing any code)
  • Identify your ideal customer
  • Conduct customer interviews, and uncover your customer’s problems
  • Analyze those interviews to make sure you’re building the right solution
  • Use your customers’ own words to write winning copy
  • Close the deal and get your first check

"I am thrilled with the high quality of their work, and could not be happier with the final result. Krit brought my vision to life..."

Lauren Sturdivant
Founder of Case Status

30 days from now you could still be reading blog posts about starting a startup. Or you could have:

  • A landing page that converts
  • A mailing list with customers who truly want your product
  • Your ideal customer profile
  • Real customers who are ready to pay you money
  • The confidence to take the next step

Hey I’m Andrew, one of the founders of Krit. Krit is a product development studio that specializes in helping non-technical founders turn bold ideas into incredible tech products.

Your Teacher

I’ve been working with startups for over 5 years, and have made every mistake in the book. Now I help our clients avoid those mistakes and get their companies off the ground. Our last client got her first paying customer for her legal tech startup within 4 days.

“I’ve already told all my friends about my idea and they love it.”

Anyone you’re friends with is going to give you horrible feedback early on. They already know and love you, and they want to see you be happy. They don’t want to tell you your idea sucks. Unless all of your friends have given you money, you need to talk to more people.

“My product is free.”

If you’re product is free, it’s still worth doing customer interviews. We did customer interviews before creating this course. In fact, it may be even more important when your product is free. That said, the last couple of lessons about closing the deal probably won’t be as valuable.

“I don’t learn well from reading.”

I get it, everyone has different ways they learn best. I’ll be including a recording with each email where I narrate the course. Each lesson will also have worksheets or action items at the end, so you’ll really be learning by doing.

This course probably isn’t for you if…

You’re afraid of hard work.

This is not a magic, silver bullet to startup success. No such thing exists. Interviewing customers is hard, and takes a lot of practice. You’ll mess up. But that’s okay. The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll start getting better.

You already have checks in hand.

It never hurts to talk to more customers, but if you’ve already closed your first deals and have checks in hand then this course will probably be a little elementary for you. Reach out and we can talk about other ways we can help.

Don’t have time? Need someone to do it for you?

Reach out, we can always create a custom package based on your needs. Send me an email at and we’ll schedule a free call to talk about it.