Save thousands of dollars & months of development time

Learn how the product process we've perfected over the last 2 years can help you launch faster in this free course!

A few years ago our projects were consistently going off the rails.

All the problems were stemming from our planning…or lack thereof. So we did a ton of research and created a new process for building Product Roadmaps. 🗺️🏗️

A Product Roadmap is a clear plan to get you from idea to Minimum Lovable Product (MLP). It's a blueprint for your project—something engineers and founders can both understand and agree on. A good Roadmap saves you thousands of dollars and months of development time.

Now, we’re taking that process (which we normally charge $3500 for) + 2 years of iteration and teaching it to you in this free course.

In the course we cover:

🤔 WTF is a Product Roadmap anyhow?

🐦 Why you should NOT wing it

🗺️ What should a product roadmap include?

🧠 Pre-roadmap essentials: who, why, and what

☑️ Our step-by-step process for creating yours

🏗️ Why to think of this as an iterative process

Think this is gonna be more startup fluff? Think again.

We get insanely specific, using a real-world example to show you step by step how we would build a product roadmap WITH 2 free Airtable templates you can copy (and lots of emojis 🙃).

This process is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT skills a founder can develop. What we’re really teaching you is how to take feedback from your customers, and turn that into an actionable, prioritized plan for what to build.

The products we’ve seen succeed over the last 5 years all start with a founder who has laser focus on what's important, stays 🤪 SILLY lean, and is constantly seeking feedback and tweaking. 👨‍🔬

This course isn’t for you if:

🔍You don’t know who your customers are yet. If this is the stage you’re at, start with customer discovery.

📲You’re more interested in building an app than building a business. The best MLP might not involve code at all.

🙅‍♀️You aren’t willing to compromise. Building a good Roadmap requires ruthless prioritization and compromise.

Here’s what clients have said about the Krit Roadmapping Process:

“Our Roadmapping Session with Krit was worth its weight in gold. The knowledge we took away from our Roadmapping Session saved us from making major product mistakes.” -Spur Intelligence

“We came to Krit with a rough concept in mind. Andrew artfully led a large group (with as many opinions) through an in-depth roadmapping session that helped us refine the concept to something within our timeframe and budget.” -John Wilkinson