Fact: it's not impossible to run a startup and stay healthy

Interview with Jay Cohen, the owner of Locomotion Fitness

Some days (okay, most days) it’s hard to want to exercise.

And it’s not like having a startup does you any favors. If you’re looking for an excuse to skip the gym, your business will give you plenty: emails, hiring, endless articles to read, marketing to do, Twitter influencers to engage…

Yeah, plenty of excuses.

But the thing is, the gym isn’t only good for heart health. (You already knew that.)


There’s an even bigger benefit most people don’t talk about.

In our latest post and interview, we cover that big benefit, plus:

  • 📈How exercise contributes to a growth mindset

  • 😬What to do if you hate exercise

  • 🙈Why the keto diet isn’t doing you any favors

  • 💸How to stay fit when you’re broke

  • 🏋🏻Why the whole working out for an hour thing is a myth

Honestly? This is my favorite interview yet. Jay Cohen, the owner of Locomotion Fitness, was a blast to chat with, and we talked through some of the habits I care about most.

Check it out for yourself here:

👉What entrepreneurs should know about fitness #

Just don’t skip the gym to read it. 😉

P.S. For you anomalies who like exercise, Jay mentions several workouts you can add to your rotation this week.