Start in the South #80 - hey, do you have a good idea?

Have a great app idea?

For many entrepreneurs, ideas are the easy part. It’s doing something with them that’s hard.

Our latest post dives into 5 different exercises that will help you start working with your idea. These steps aren’t a magic formula or silver bullet. Neither are they part of a high-level think piece that applies to one founder’s unique journey.

These are steps we’ve taken, recommended other founders apply, or seen the most successful entrepreneurs we know repeat time and again.


  • 🤔Treating your idea as a guess, not a fact
  • 👋Ditching an NDA and talking with customers
  • 💻Starting out with no-code tools
  • ⏰Identifying what can wait for later
  • 💰Estimating your costs

The post is geared toward first-time founders, but a good bit of it applies to ideas for improving an existing product too. So whether you’re thinking about an app or working on one right now, there’s something for you in the latest post.

Have a great app idea? Here’s how to do more than read Forbes articles. #