Hiten Shah on building a wants vs. needs business

Our conversation with Hiten Shah

A few weeks ago, we asked, “What can you control as a founder? And what stuff is outside your control and weighing you down?” 🤔

We said you can control things like:

  • what you do and say
  • your reactions to other people
  • where you spend your time
  • how you deliver value to customers

One awesome reader responded with another item: “passing on our knowledge.” 👏

We control what knowledge we share (or withhold) and how we share it. That’s powerful stuff!

And it fits with something else we teased in that weeks-ago newsletter: our conversation with Hiten Shah. The one where he shares a boatload of knowledge around:

  • figuring out what you control vs. influence
  • targeting real needs for customers
  • not paying attention to the economy
  • what to pay attention to instead
  • how to tame your inner control freak

That conversation is live and, honestly, it’s hard to summarize all the good stuff in there. Here’s the link so you can see for yourself. 👇😁

Hiten Shah on building a wants vs. needs business and identifying what’s in your control #