Validation Sprints

Build something people want.

You’ve got an app idea. You think it’s pretty cool, and could make some real money. How do you find out if what you’ve got is real?

You could do what most first-time entrepreneurs do. Build it.

This means you’d need to find a developer you can trust (ahem) then do one of three things:

  1. Convince them to work for equity (few good developers will)

  2. Raise the money (as a first-time founder with just an idea)

  3. Put up the capital yourself

Whatever you decide, the odds are not in your favor. Most startups fail. And no one wants to waste months and thousands of dollars building something that goes nowhere.

You need a way to improve your odds before you build anything.

You could start with a landing page and an email list. Lots of entrepreneurs start this way. The problem is there’s a big difference between someone giving you their email and their credit card.

You could conduct customer interviews. Where signups on a landing page only give you a yes or no, customer interviews give you a chance to collect meaningful feedback. If you talk to customers the right way and learn to listen, they’ll tell you what to build and how to sell it to them.

But if you ask the wrong questions, customer interviews can be misleading. Someone may tell you they love your idea, but when it comes time to ask them to open their wallets… they disappear.

You need a proven system for interviewing customers #

The right system for interviewing customers will help you:

  • Find the right people to talk to

  • Ask questions that won’t give you false positives

  • Uncover new ideas you may not have thought of

  • Identify the people most likely to be your first customers

  • Craft the sales pitch you’ll use to close them

We can help (and we have 2 options for you) #

We’re a startup turned product development studio, and for the last 3 years we’ve spent thousands of hours helping startups like you validate their ideas. One of our clients got her first customer 4 days after launching her Minimum Loveable Product.

We want to help you do the same.

“Krit brought my vision to life, and in the end I not only consider the Krit team to be colleagues, I consider them to be my trusted friends.”

Lauren Sturdivant
Founder & CEO of Case Status

How Lauren closed her first customer 4 days into beta

Option #1: Validation Sprint #

Are you a founder with an idea, but no customers yet?

Maybe this is your first time building a startup, or maybe you’ve built something before and the launch didn’t go the way you were hoping.

Either way, you want to do whatever you can to make your launch successful. You have a guess of who your customers might be, and how to find them. But you want to make sure you approach them the right way.

You need a Validation Sprint. A Validation Sprint consists of two consulting sessions 2-4 weeks apart. In the first session you’ll work with our team to learn how to do customer interviews the right way. In between the sessions you’ll be talking to customers using an interview script we customize just for you, and recording your results. In the final session we’ll help you analyze your results, and decide if you’re ready to move forward or need to talk to more customers.

During a Validation Sprint you’ll get:

  • A 1-on-1 training session with our team

  • Our interview guide to keep with you

  • An interview script customized just for you

  • Practice interviews

  • A custom spreadsheet for recording your interview results

  • A plan for reaching your target audience

  • A second session helping you analyze your results

The cost for a Validation Session is just $400. Interested? Schedule a free call now to see if you’re a good fit.

Schedule a free call to see if a Validation Sprint is right for you

Option #2: On your own #

Still not sure customer interviews are right for you? Not sure if you’re ready to put in the work to validate your idea? You can take our system for a test drive with this free email course.

In the course you’ll get:

  • Our customer interview guide

  • An interview template with sample questions you can use

  • 5 email lessons teaching you how to do interviews the right way

Already have customers lined up? #

If you already have customers lined up, the next thing you need is a plan to take you from idea to Minimum Loveable Product.