NEW: step-by-step guide and free templates

How to create a product roadmap

Well good news folks, we survived the hurricane. 🌊

And even more good news—our step-by-step guide and free template for creating your product roadmap is live on the blog!

This chock-full-of-practical-info post includes:

🗺how a roadmap supports your vision and strategy

✋why you shouldn’t just wing it

🤔super important pre-roadmap steps: figuring out who, why, what

🚀a vetted process we use every month

😁free templates in Airtable and Google Sheets!

👉what to do next

We’ve been pretty freaking excited to share this one with y’all.

Check it out now 👇

How to create a product roadmap: step-by-step guide and free template for founders


P.S. We’re not saying you should read this post because it includes a photo of Austin doing Blue Steel on a Bird scooter...but that image does exist. 😉