No-code refresh

REFRESH ALERT: 8 more real-life prototype examples

Hey y’all! Happy October. 🎃

It’s time to fight spiders in the attic for Halloween decorations 🦇...and it’s time to dive into the archives for a refresh of one of our most wicked popular posts:

5 examples of no-code prototypes: Invision, spreadsheets, and more #

This treat (wayyyyy better than candy corn, btw) came from Andrew, and we recently updated it to include:

  • 👩‍💻8 more real-life examples of successful prototyping

  • 🙈The 4 types of risk involved in product building

  • 🤷🏼‍♀️Different categories of prototypes in tech

  • 🚀How to figure out which prototype makes sense for your business

  • ✅A big ol’ list of prototyping tools you can browse

Go ahead, check it out now. 👀 #

There are zero tricks, and absolutely no more terrible Halloween puns, guaranteed. 😉#creepitreal