Hey Demio-ers :)

We created a free user onboarding checklist just for you!

Churn sucks #

High user churn is a painful problem. It feels like you're spinning your wheels and going nowhere. You're constantly having to add new users, but a good chunk of them aren't sticking around.

Churn happens because your users aren't getting enough value out of your product. But you know you build a valuable product! So what do you do?

You need kick-ass user onboarding #

"User Onboarding is the process of increasing the likelihood that new users become successful when adopting your product." -Samuel Hulick

When your onboarding process is the best it can be, that's when the SaaS machine can really start humming. Your users are having a ton of success using your app! They're sticking around and your average lifetime value is going up. Recurring revenue starts compounding and you can grow the way you really want to.

I'm just getting started, should I worry about onboarding? #

Taking the time to design your user onboarding process early on can bring you a huge return on your investment. Don't obsess about it to the point that you don't launch, but use our checklist to make sure you have your basics covered.

I don't know if I need better onboarding. #

If your churn rate is already as low as it can get and your customer lifetime value can't go any higher then congrats! You're killing it!

"Love these guys! If you are looking for an amazing team to build awesome tech products, reach out to Krit."

Wendy Wells
Founder & CEO of Explico

Who are we? #

Hey 👋 we're Krit. We're an app design studio that specializes in helping non-technical founders at B2B SaaS startups turn ideas into beautiful, easy-to-use products.

We've spent thousands of hours helping startups design, build and launch profitable apps.

We're obsessed with User Experience design and are always looking for small ways we can have a big impact whether it's onboarding, microcopy or visual design.