Roadmapping Sessions

We start every project with a Roadmapping Session. This process is what separates us from average developers.

You've validated that people really want your new product idea. Now what?

Let's say you decide to hire a developer. It's nerve-wracking, but you do some searching and you find someone. You sit down with them and they seem pretty smart. They give you a quote, but you don't really know if it's accurate. You're so excited about this idea though, that you decide to roll the dice.

A couple of months go by and things aren't moving as quickly as you'd hoped. The developers are falling behind. Then they tell you they're going to need more money to get the project finished. By the time you're finally done you're over budget, way past your schedule and you're not even that happy with the finished product.

This isn't just a horror story. It's happened to countless people we know. So how do you keep it from happening to you?

You need a Product Roadmap #

A Product Roadmap is a clear plan to get you from idea to Minimum Loveable Product (MLP). It's a blueprint for your project - something engineers and founders can both understand and agree on. You wouldn't build a house without a blueprint, so why would you build an app without a Product Roadmap?

A Product Roadmap sets clear expectations about what should go in the MLP, and what comes next. A good roadmap prevents you from building too much and saves you thousands of dollars and months of development time.

But how do you know what should go into your Roadmap as a non-technical founder? You speak with someone who does Roadmaps.

The Krit Roadmapping Session #

In a Roadmapping Session, we serve as your product architect. We help you build a blueprint that is laser-focused on achieving your business goals.

Roadmapping Session #

You get:

  • A full day strategy session with our team
  • A complete Product Roadmap to get you from idea to MLP (check out an example below)
  • User flow diagrams and technical specs other dev shops should immediately understand
  • A fixed monthly price and timeline to design and build your app (we stick by our estimates)
  • Outline of costs to run your tech stack

You'll also get a chance to work with us without investing tens of thousands of dollars to make sure we're a good fit. Roadmaps cost just $7,000.

"We came to Krit with a rough concept in mind. Andrew artfully led a large group (with as many opinions) through an in-depth Roadmapping Session that helped us refine the concept to something within our timeframe and budget. Krit then delivered as promised. Highly recommend!"

John Wilkinson
Leadership South Carolina, Class of 2017

Interested? Let's talk about what comes next #

If you're thinking about going from idea to MLP, schedule a free call first. It won't cost you anything, and we'll help you figure out if you're ready for a Roadmapping Session. You can use the link below to get something on the calendar.

Worst thing that happens? You get experience-backed advice about your next step.

We are incredibly grateful we started where we did with Krit. Ultimately, our decision was not to pursue the development of our app. Without the Roadmapping Session, my team and I would have spent an enormous amount of time, money and resources building the wrong thing.

Andrew MacLatchie
Project Manager at Synchronicity

Schedule a free call to see if Roadmapping is right for you