The true story of a non-technical founder

You can SaaS at any age

They say you have to be young. 👦

They say tech companies are started by two kids, working in a basement. 👬

They say if you’re not technical, you really should just give up now. 😲

Don’t fall for that shit.

The truth is this. #

Successful startups take all forms, shapes, and types of founders. Sure, there are kids in their parents’ basement. And yeah, many founders—like us—are young and technical.

But that’s not the only way. 👀

Harvard Business Review turned heads when their data showed the average age of a successful startup founder is 45. And we’ve written a lot about why you don’t have to be technical in tech.

The truth is there’s more than one mold for SaaS founders. 🙌

That’s why, when we met Steve Shulman, a non-technical founder in his 70s, we didn’t find him odd—we found him exciting. We thought that a driven entrepreneur with decades of experience, a rolodex of contacts, and a working prototype had one hell of a fighting chance. 💪

We were right. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #

Since launching his SaaS product for research universities, Shulman has onboarded multiple Ivy League schools, including Yale and Brown. 🎓His product helps these universities forecast multi-million dollar budgets and make sense of financial data. 📊It impacts hundreds of thousands of employees. It’s a small solution doing seriously big things. 📈

And his idea?

It started with a few decades of experience and the drive to make one painful problem quite a bit better. 🔨

You don’t have to be young.

You don’t have to be in your parents’ basement.

And you definitely don’t have to be technical.

Read how Steve Shulman prototyped and built a successful SaaS product, without technical experience, and landed Ivy League Schools as clients. 🏆

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P.S. Trust me, you don’t want to miss his 7 lessons for aspiring founders at the end.