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Launching 2019

Find your dream developer.

Learn to vet programmers as a non-technical founder and have confidence in your first hires.

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Hire the best developers without learning how to code #

When you’re getting started as a non-technical founder, it’s easy to feel desperate. You know PHP isn't cool anymore, or is it? A javascript developer is probably what you want. And there will be a database... you think.

You want anyone who knows how to code to work with you. But the wrong partner is worse than no partner at all.

When you work with a bad developer everything seems fine at first. But then deadlines start getting missed, you're running out of money and your customers (and investors) are getting upset.

So how do you identify the good from the bad without knowing how to code?

You can try to get lucky. Or... you can learn to: #

  • speak the language
  • ask the right questions
  • apply a proven test
  • identify good answers

This book will teach you how to sort the good developers from the bad. All without you (or them) writing a line of code.

We'll be covering things like: #

  • Technical terms: What you need to know (and what you don't)
  • What to look for: What makes a good programmer?
  • Culture: Why it affects hiring and how to build it.
  • Compensation: Salaries and equity stakes.
  • Where to look: Where do developers hang out?
  • Writing a job post: How to appeal to a diverse range of applicants.
  • Application questions: 20 useful questions and how to grade them.
  • Evaluating a resume: What really matters and what doesn't?
  • 30 minute screening script: This script will eliminate 90% of applicants.
  • The No-code Coding Test: How to apply it, and how to grade it.

You'll also get the no-code coding test in 3 different programming languages. Plus bonus videos of us demonstrating each step of the process and interviewing non-technical founders who have been there before. Oh and, we promise to make the whole process as entertaining as possible. 🤪

You get all of this for a starting price of $49 $29 (special pre-launch price).

As a non-technical founder, I always felt like I had to take a leap of faith on technical resources and just hope they can do what they say. I think us founders are constant optimists, which got me in trouble a few times. 

Baird Hall
Founder of Wavve

How do you know this works? #

We run an app development agency called Krit. For the past 4 years we've worked with non-technical founders building startups. Earlier this year Krit had to hire two new developers. We did it without reading a single line of code they'd written. Instead, we asked smart questions and applied the coding test we're sharing with you in this handbook. They've proven to be incredible hires, leading development on two new client projects.

Andrew Askins

Andrew Askins

CEO at Krit

Laura Bosco

Laura Bosco

Writer & Content Strategist

You can be successful as a non-technical founder #

Just in case you're still not convinced, we want to make one thing clear whether you buy our book or not... you can be successful as a non-technical founder. Tons of successful tech companies were founded by people who never learned to code.

  • Alex Turnbull, Founder of Groove
  • Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia, Founders of Airbnb
  • Michael Dell, Founder of Dell

And tons more...