What you should know about no-code

You don’t know code? That’s no excuse

“Why don’t you come up with an idea for a no-code app?” 

That was Andrew’s pitch to me for an upcoming blog post. I shifted my feet and wiped sweat off my palms beneath the video camera. 

“Um, what?” 

“We ask our founders to start with a prototype all the time. I think you should do that.” 

In my head I was going, yeah, but I’m not a programmer like the rest of the team. I mean, c’mon, I don’t even know the difference between Java and Javascript. Except that there is a difference, maybe. 

I imagined building prototypes was, you know, a coder thing. 

You’re probably thinking, “Uh, that’s the whole idea behind no-code tools.” And you’re right. 

But I didn’t believe it yet—not really. 

Here’s the story of what happened next. Of me saying yes and building a no-code prototype as someone who knows zero code: 


In it, I cover a variety of topics from a truly non-technical perspective. Things like:

  • The worst and best ways to find your idea

  • How to figure out what type of app you need

  • What no-code tools are at your disposal

  • Which ones are free

  • Which ones are easiest to use

  • Why Jürgen Klopp is the best Premier League coach (kidding, kind of) 

  • And what you need to know to make your journey easier  

Other founders on Twitter are calling it the “top write-up on doing a no-code startup project” and “an incredibly great look at the current world of no-code.” 

Read it here: https://builtbykrit.com/blog/whats-it-really-like-for-a-non-technical-person-to-build-an-app-without-code

And see if you can’t start working on that idea you’ve been mulling over. Because as I found out, not knowing code is no excuse.